Rubicon Bay

Welcome to the official Rubicon Bay Web Page. Before you enter, there are a few things to keep in mind.

First, this site is dedicated to a very beautiful place and there are many photos on the included links. A few of the backgrounds for the links are photos and rather large. This means that it could take a few minutes to load the page, so make sure you've got at least a short while to look around. Please be patient while these load - they're worth it. Keep an eye on your browser's activity icon.

On the topic of photos...All the photos were scanned in at high resolutions, so they're best viewed with your monitor set to 16 Bit True Color or better .

One more thing before you continue - enjoy it and don't hesitate to drop us a note letting us know what you think!

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As stated above, throughout this site there are many beautiful photographs.  Permission is given (in some places) to help yourself to these.  Any photograph within this site may be used for personal use (i.e.: background/wallpaper) on personal pc or just for personal viewing.  In these cases, I ask nothing for this kind of use other than an email letting me know you've been here.
However, if the photograph is to be used for any other purpose - i.e.: on a web page (personal or commercial), I must ask that two conditions be met:  1. Permission be requested via email and 2. Credit be given along with the photograph(s) used.