Rubicon Peak

 For as long as I can remember, Rubicon Peak has been one of the most dominant aspects of Lake Tahoe. This towering giant looms over 3000 feet above the lake. On top of this mountain sits a massive granite body that would dwarf most office buildings. On the side facing the lake (East), this piece of granite is a shear cliff rising 300 feet or so. The only way to get on top is to climb around the back (West) side - and even that can be somewhat treacherous.

The view from the top of this magnificent mountain is truly breathtaking. Looking down the West slope of the mountain you first notice a string of small lakes known as the Tallant Lakes names after George P. Tallant of San Francisco. These lakes lie in an area known as Desolation Wilderness. From north to south, the lakes are as follows: Rubicon Lake, Stony Ridge Lake, Hidden Lake, Shadow Lake, Crag Lake and Lake Genevieve.

Looking west beyond these high sierra gems, one can see clearly all the way to the California Coastal Range Mountains a few hundred miles away. To the east looking over Lake Tahoe, the far eastern Sierra Nevada Range is quite a spectacular sight. The view of Lake Tahoe is genuinely majestic.







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